Exhibition Design

Your exhibition stand needs to impress people walking past, and entice them to come and talk to you about your product or services. I can help you to create an eye catching exhibition design!   

Exhibition design

In a hall full of stands, you want yours to be the one that grabs people’s attention and sticks in their mind. Some of the features that will help you to stand out are:

Sketch Visuals

Depending on how you like to work, I can start off with concepts and create sketch visuals. These can give basic structural ideas before we go too far and create full rendered visuals. 

Rendered Visuals

Once an idea is decided on, I will create full colour visuals to bring the stand to life. These could also be the first visuals I do if you have a smaller stand, or we already have a pretty good idea of what you want. 


I will provide a basic plan & elevations for every stand. These will have overall dimensions on for all the components of the stand. This will enable you to take the design to a stand builder to create the final stand. (Specific construction methods should be decided by the builder)

Video Walk-through

If you want to go up a step from visuals, or you have a big job, then a walk-through can help to show all areas of the design. It will give the viewer a better sense of space and animations can be included in it to make the experience a bit more interactive.  

Virtual Exhibition Design

An alternative to live shows, something to complement them, or just a more interactive way of presenting a design.

Without the limits of space, build cost or gravity, anything is possible! You can have the stand you have always dreamed of and it can last for more than 3 days at a live show. We can either produce a single stand with videos, images and links to promote your products and company. Or we could create an entire show!

I can create your virtual exhibition design to link in with your current shows, or make it something completely different that you can use as your flagship exhibition.