A successful brand identity will intrigue new customers, and keep old ones. 

Your logo needs to have the right look and feel to portray your business and attract the customers that you want. It is the first thing they will see, whether that is on your website, social media, or shop front. If it looks the part, then it will set you up for success! 
It is also key to use your brand identity across everything you do. If you are sending out emails, presentations, or brochures, they all need to have a consistent look.

Logo Design

I can work with you to create a logo that represents what your business is all about. Making sure that it is aimed at your target audience, to attract as many customers as possible. 

At the end of the design process, all package options will receive:

Standard Packages

Below are some standard packages to help you keep to a budget. 

Custom Branding packages

If you want more out of your new brand, then get in touch to discuss your requirements and I can sort out a custom quote for you.

Branding Pack 1

If you are just looking for a logo to get your business started
£ 500
  • 2 initial logo concepts
  • 2 rounds of development
  • Basic brand stylesheet

Branding Pack 2

More of a complete starter pack that will provide you with some extra necessities
£ 1000
  • 3 initial logo concepts
  • 3 rounds of development
  • Full brand guidelines
  • 3 brand collateral pieces

Branding Pack 3

For a complete branding package with all the extras you might need
£ 1500
  • 3 initial logo concepts
  • 3 rounds of development
  • Full brand guidelines
  • 6 brand collateral pieces

* This price includes a set amount of development rounds. Any extra will be quoted separately. 

Brand Guidelines

Brand guidelines are essential to keep your brand consistent across all areas of your business. They give a clear set of instructions on which colours and fonts to use, and where to use them. And they can give instructions on how to use your logo to keep it looking it’s best. 

Depending on how structured you want your brand to be, they could be fairly simple, or they could go into much more detail. Including types of images to use and how clothing should be branded. 

Every logo design will come with a basic brand stylesheet. This is the simplest form of brand guidelines, and includes the different logos available, the colours, and any fonts used. This will be enough to get you started with keeping things consistent. 

If you need some brand guidelines creating for your existing brand, then get in touch to discuss what you need and get a quote. 

Brand Collateral

Brand collateral is all the extra things that help to promote your business and make you look professional. Some of these can be included in the standard branding packages.

Physical items like business cards, posters and stickers won’t be printed by me. I will just provide you with the artwork for you to get printed wherever you like. 

If you would like individual quotes for an existing brand, get in touch with your requirements.

Brochure Design

If you need a brochure to promote your services, or products. I can design this for you. I don’t deal with the print side of things, so you will need to sort that bit out yourself. But I can design it and make it print ready for you to hand over to your chosen printer. 

Alternatively, I can create a digital interactive brochure that you can send out to your clients by email. 

For a quote, please get in touch with your requirements.